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LeBron James HBO documentary ‘Student Athlete’ indicts NCAA. Everything about the film speaks to an environment that breeds corruption.

The film finds new ground as it humanizes how the embattled governing body’s rules and actions affect lives after playing careers are over.

The film – which was co-directed by Oscar winner Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy — hits the mark. Student Athlete shines an invaluable light on athletes.

Even those who are intimately familiar with the contradictions and compromises at the heart of college sports will find their eyes opened by “Student Athlete”
USA Today

“Student Athlete” exposes NCAA hypocrisy. The film is an incredible piece of work… And “Student Athlete” not only made me angrier, it brought tears to my eyes.
Alejandro Danois, The Shadow League

Student Athlete is documentary filmmaking at it’s finest. I cannot recommend this film enough. This film shows what you don’t see when the buzzer goes off.
Social Underground

Student Athlete is pure, raw and powerful. It sheds light on the true horror of how a countless loop of retired athletes have to live their lives.
West Georgian

Student Athlete feels like a cautionary tale, following in the footsteps of films like Spike Lee’s He Got Game… The athletes in the film let camera crews witness real moments of desperation.

Highlights the issues facing those involved with college athletics and to show that real people are being impacted by the culture created by the NCAA’s short-sided policies.

“Student Athlete” showcases current and former football and basketball players chewed up by a system regulated so everyone but them prospers in the college sports industrial complex.
Chicago Tribune

‘Student Athlete’ on HBO succeeds by spotlighting the victims of the NCAA’s hypocrisy…. Serves as yet another indictment of an obviously broken system that has little incentive to change the status quo.

That sequence of scenes in Student Athlete is the heart of this documentary unique approach; showing the lives behind the stats. It’s a modern-day slave trade, just with swooshes and college jerseys, instead of prison garbs and chains.
Keith Nelson, The Shadow League